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  • Staedtler Drawing Compass With Leads
    • 38% off

    Plastic wallet containing compass with lead box.

    • €7.50

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  • The fx-83GTX replaces the Casio Fx-GT scientific calculators which takes Ireland's Number One Scientific Calculator a step further, by offering additional features such as clearer display, clearer menus, faster processor and 14 additional functions. Allowed in every Irish exam where a calculator can be used. The large Natural Textbook Display (Natural-V.P.A.M.) shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in your textbooks which increases comprehension because results are easier to understand.

    • €17.50

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  • A2 sized cardboard folio for holding drawings.

    • €5.00

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  • A2 T Square

    • €14.00

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  • Precision geometry compass with spindle guide, spring-bow head and centre wheel

    • €18.50

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  • 40cm Flexible Curve Drawing Instrument
    • 11% off

    Flexible measuring curve is ideal for use in: drafting, engineering, construction, surveying, craft and a multitude of other uses. 40 cm

    • €8.00

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    • Precision compasses with obtuse-angled safety needle 
    • Maximum circle Ø approx. 300 mm
    • Length 124.2 mm
    • Compass with lead part and lead box in case with hinged lid
    • €10.50

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  • 32cm 45° Set Square & 60° Set Square

    • €4.50

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