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  • This book's objective is to help marine and electrical engineers acquire the knowledge required by STCW for management and operational level endorsements and to become more familiar with various electrical applications that can be found on board ship.

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  • Developed to complement Reeds Vol 12 (Motor Engineering for Marine Engineers), this textbook is key for all marine engineering officer cadets.

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  • This pocketbook of marine engineering questions and answers will be invaluable to both students and trainers.

    The bold headings make it easy to locate a particular topic, and the clear and concise answers are ideal for revision and self-testing purposes.

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  • An indispensable book for anyone interested in modern shipping!

    Ship Knowledge(10thedition) will tell you everything you want to know about ships and shipping. The book covers all the components and systems that make up a modern ship in detail, from design drawings to the finished products, including paint systems and legal requirements.

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  • Ship Automation for Engineers and ETOs is a long overdue reference guide for all aspiring and qualified engineers within the shipping industry. It is an invaluable instructional and technical resource for any engineer or ETO requiring a practical working knowledge and understanding of modern vessels.

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