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Diesel Engines for ship propulsion and power plants 2nd Edition


This second edition of a two-part book on diesel engines is intended for all who work with diesel engines for maritime propulsion and power generation:

  • Maritime training institutes and maritime universities
  • Maintenance and reconditioning companies
  • Shipping companies deep-sea, inland, towage, dredging and heavy-load cargo
  • Insurance companies, classification bureaus, surveyors
  • Shipping industry suppliers, suppliers of engine parts, fuel and lubricating oil
  • Engine manufacturers and dealers
  • Power Plants

When compiling this book, a practical approach was chosen using ample authentic graphic material with detailed explanations allowing the reader to gather pertinent information without laboriously going through the main text. Important subjects: common-rail systems, emissions, materials, casting and forging of parts, vibrations, propellers, fuel problems, dual-fuel engines, reconditioning, regulations for testing diesel engines.

Leading companies and institutes have contributed to the realisation of this book by providing information, photographs and interviews. Ninety per cent of the more than 2000 pictures are in colour.

Both volumes consist of 568 pages each.

Book 1

  1. The use of industrial diesel engines
  2. Classification of diesel engines
  3. Working principles of diesel engines
  4. Efficiency and losses of diesel engines
  5. Standard figures of various types of diesel engines
  6. Construction of various types of diesel engines
  7. Use of materials for diesel engines
  8. Fuels, fuel-line systems and fuel cleaning
  9. Fuel-injection systems
  10. Cooling diesel engines
  11. Lubrication
  12. Air supply
  13. Driving gears
  14. Starting systems
  15. Speed control
  16. Noise, origin and damping
  17. Vibrations and Balancing
  18. Diesel-Power Plants

Book 2

  1. Ship propulsion
  2. Transmission gears, flexible couplings, vibration dampers, shafting and shaft-generator drives
  3. Diesel-engine manufacturers
  4. Engine emissions
  5. Calculating fuel and lubricating-oil consumption
  6. Auxiliary systems: fuel and lubricating-oil separators
  7. Operational management and automation
  8. Reconditioning engines
  9. Maintenance and repairs
  10. Casting, forging and welding engine parts
  11. New fuel developments
  12. Bedplates and engine alignments, gear-boxes, shafts, propeller shafts and generators
  13. Propellers
  14. Regulations for propulsion engines, classification, repair and damage

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